The HCM Swing Beam Press or clicker press is the most common press used in general industries cutting components using loose knives/dies. These presses come in varying head widths of 330, 460, or 610mm and generate 14 tonnes.

The SB-25 Swing Beam Press is considered one of the best Machines of its kind on the market. These Presses also come in varying head widths of 330, 460 or 610 mm and have a maximum cutting force of 25 tons and have a very low swing force of only 200 to 400 grams reducing operator fatigue.
The Series-60 Beam Press is the forerunner of Twin Cylinder Beam Presses. This press has two hydraulic cylinders & comes in two widths (between cylinders) 1105 or 1511mm. Over 3000 Presses World-wide are giving excellent service in a wide diversity of industries.
The Series-70 Beam Press has a bigger cutting area than the Series-60. it comes in 1150 & 1700 mm widths. These presses are widely considered an extremely reliable work-horse by all who use them. Again over 3000 Presses World-wide are giving excellent service in a wide diversity of industries.
The Series-75 Beam Press is the latest design of twin cylinder beam presses within the Samco family. Controlled by a linear potentiometer across the hydraulic balancing valve it is a versatile machine being used in industries cutting fine foil through to tough ply board & acrylics etc.
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The Series-120 Four Pillar Beam Press is the largest of our current range. Delivering 120 tons over an area of 1600x1500 mm it is a 4 pillar press controlled by two balancing valves linked to each diagonal cylinders to ensure parallel movement throughout the cutting stroke.
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The T.H.-35 (Travelling Head) Press is a simple to use & easy to learn versatile press. We can supply these new at a very competitive price or Reconditioned. Favoured for their component visibility aspect and used in many light industries although bigger versions are available to suit any application.

Refurbished machines.

You will not find a better refurbished Samco Press supplied by any other company.

All our refurbished machines are completely stripped down & all parts inspected & re-placed where necessary. All machines are re-sealed, re-wired & re-sprayed and are sold with a 6 months warranty (U.K. only).

All our beam presses can be fitted with various feed systems for cutting from roll or sheet
i.e. single or twin work-trays, conveyor systems, belt feeds.

Friday, May 13, 2005